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Winter is Coming

Its been a while since I have made a fishing report but that certainly does not mean that the fishing has not been phenomenal. I have spent the better portion of the last month and a half in the drift boat on the Norfork River and it has been a nice change of pace from the "run and gun" approach that the White River affords. Both weather and water have been inconsistent with both warm and cold weather that greatly affects the generation patterns on the White. Some days, the Corps will generate big water in the morning and then drop the water to minimum flow in the afternoon. I have avoided that water roller coaster and have been having a blast in the stable (albeit low flows) of the Norfork. This fishing has provided clients the opportunity to keep rods bent all day with some truly special fish mixed in.

Looking towards the future, I will transition back to the White, as the power generation will eventually be required to run the water required to target trophy brown trout. Until then, the Norfork will continue to be the main attraction and it seems that more brown trout move into the 'Fork every day.

Also, Dry Run Creek has provided a wonderful opportunity for children under 16 years old to catch the fish of a life time. That little piece of paradise is absolutely loaded right now so if you are looking for an awesome Christmas present, give me a call at (724) 599-6508 and lets go fishing.

A perfect Dry Run Creek Rainbow

Norfork Cutthroat Trout are truly special


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